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Waystation Certification Application and Sign Bundle

Item #: 125600
Waystation Certification Application and Sign Bundle
Waystation Sign

A non-refundable application fee of $16 is required for each habitat you would like to certify - this helps offset the costs associated with processing your application (including adding your habitat to the online registry) and also helps support Monarch Watch's conservation efforts.

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Registrant Name(s) exactly as you would like it/them to appear on the certificate *
Habitat Name (Be creative! e.g., "The Monarch Inn", "Grandma's Garden", etc.) (optional)
Habitat City *
Habitat State/Province *
Habitat Zip/Postal Code *
Habitat Country (U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, etc.) *
Please answer the following questions concerning your Monarch Habitat.

Habitat Type

Habitat Location

Habitat Size

Shelter - Plant Density
All monarch life stages need shelter from predators and the elements. In the context of a Monarch Waystation, shelter is provided by the variety of the plants and the density, or closeness, of the plantings. Please estimate the number of milkweed and nectar plants (combined) per square yard (3’ x 3’ area) in your habitat. Depending on the species and size of the plants, densities of 2-10 plants per square yard are probably the most effective. Please select the number of plants per square yard in your habitat.

Host Plants for Monarchs - Milkweeds (check all that are present in your habitat)
Nectar Plants - Annuals or Biennials (check all that are present in your habitat)
Nectar Plants - Perennials (check all that are present in your habitat)
Sustainable Management Practices (check all that apply)
Maintaining productive monarch habitats requires a management plan. Please indicate which actions you have taken (or will take) to maintain your Monarch Waystation (check all that apply):

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