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Bring Back The Monarchs Poster monarch butterfly poster, monarch classroom poster, bring back the monarchs poster, ron brancato poster
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    This beautiful 18" x 24" poster helps convey the "Bring Back the Monarchs" message of Monarch Watch's newest conservation campaign. Printed on heavyweight paper stock with a matte finish; suitable for framing. Graphic created by artist and monarch enthusiast, Ron Brancato. This item ships individually in a poster tube

    Monarch Migration Map monarch butterfly migration map poster, monarch migration map poster, monarch butterfly migration classroom materials, classroom monarch butterfly
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      This 18" x 24" poster illustrates the fall and spring migrations of the North American monarch butterfly populations (both east and west of the Rocky Mountains). Overwintering areas are also mapped. This item ships individually in a poster tube

      Monarchs in Space Poster monarchs in space poster, monarch butterflies in space, ISS butterflies, first butterflies in space, international space station butterflies, atlantis space shuttle butterflies
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        On November 16, 2009 three monarch caterpillars from Monarch Watch lifted off with the space shuttle Atlantis (STS-129), destined for the International Space Station. Thousands of "Monarchs in Space" participants raised monarchs in the classroom or at home and watched as the monarchs on the ISS completed their development and emerged as adult butterflies - the first monarchs in space! This commemorative 24" x 36" poster features more than 70 images (including lots of participant photos) and a...

        Monarch Life Cycle Poster
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          The 18" x 22" poster illustrates the transformation of the Monarch from egg to adult and includes the approximate age at each stage. This item ships individually in a poster tube