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front cover of Bicycling with Butterflies book with drawing of morarchs and person on a bike
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    "Told with a writer’s eye for detail and a biologist's sensitivity to the fragile nature of the systems that support wildlife and humans . . . a keen observer of the human condition, Sara draws attention to some of the patterns in our society that are in conflict with the greater good. Her narrative is an important wake-up call for the need to stay connected to nature." —Dr. Orley Taylor, director of Monarch Watch Outdoor educator and field researcher Sara Dykman made history when she became...

    How to Raise Monarch Butterflies monarch butterfly book, book about monarch butterflies, teachers guide to monarch butterflies, monarch butterfly lessons, classroom monarch butterflies
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      Observing a Monarch butterfly as it transforms itself from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly is among the most thrilling experiences that nature offers. Raising Monarch butterflies is made easy with the help of this detailed guide.How to Raise Monarch Butterflies explains what threats Monarchs face today and how readers can help conserve the Monarch's feeding grounds from encroachment. Revel in one of the most remarkable miracles of nature.This updated edition contains:More than 40 new...

      Learning From Monarchs monarch butterfly book, book about monarch butterflies, teachers guide to monarch butterflies, monarch butterfly lessons, classroom monarch butterflies
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        There are as many ways to use monarchs in the classroom as there are teachers interested in giving it a try. Monarchs offer a compelling introduction to insect life cycles, the intricacies of ecosystems and food webs, and the balance of nature. This text is intended as a starting point for teachers interested in using monarchs in their classrooms. It introduces concepts and information that will be useful as you design your own monarch lessons. ...

        Monarch Come Play with Me ba rea book monarch come play with me, monarch butterfly childrens book, kids book monarch butterflies, parent guide to teaching monarch lessons, teachers guide monarch butterfly lessons
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          Monarch Come Play with Me was written and designed for children between the ages of 3 and 9. The text, written for early second grade readers, revolves around the similarities and differences between the development of monarchs and the development of children. An informational text at the end of the book introduces readers to the process of scientific discovery through the story of Dr. Fred and Norah Urquhart's search - with the help of many citizen...

          Milkweed, Monarchs and More milkweed books, monarch books, monarch butterfly books, milkweed plant information, monarch butterfly information, butterfly classroom book
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            A diverse natural community thrives in the milkweed growing along our highways and woodland edges; in our open fields, fragmented prairies and vacant lots; and in our lovingly tended gardens. Several kinds of insects depend on milkweed as a food source. The best known of these are the monarch butterflies whose late summer generation graduates from milkweed nurseries all over North America to join in an impressive migration. Some fly as far as 4800 kilometers (3000 miles) from the northern...

            Monarch Watch Bookmarks monarch butterfly bookmarks, packs of monarch bookmarks, monarch butterfly photo bookmarks, classroom bookmarks monarch butterflies
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              Our Bookmark Pack includes a total of 60 bookmarks (10 each of 6 designs). Each bookmark (approximately 2" x 8") features a beautiful photo on the front and related information on the back. Themes include monarch conservation, monarch research, monarch facts, Monarch Waystations, and more! These bookmarks are a great way to promote monarch conservation awareness and make wonderful giveaways for students or anyone interested in monarch butterflies.Design, photography, and illustrations by Ron...

              Milkweed Visitors milkweed visitors book by mary holland, mary holland book milkweed visitors, milkweed photo book, butterfly garden book
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                Mary Holland's beautiful photographs are complemented by clear and accurate text introducing the reader to the community that calls the common milkweed patch home. Learn about herbivores, nectivores and predators and how they live their lives. The book is designed for both home and classroom use.