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Monarch Watch The Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly Poster
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    This beautiful 24" x 36" (approx.) laminated poster created by artist and monarch enthusiast Ron Brancato illustrates the entire life cycle of the monarch butterfly. It includes descriptive text about each life stage and other aspects of the monarch butterfly's life history.

    Monarch Watch Tagging Kit how to tag monarch butterflies, monarch tagging, monarch butterfly tagging kit, monarch migration tagging, monarch migration tracking
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      **Tagging Kits are now available to PRE-ORDER for the FALL 2020 tagging season! Tagging kits PRE-ORDERED January through July begin shipping in late July 2020.** **We are now accepting ORDERS for 2019 tags.  All preorders from January 1–July 21 will be shipped beginning in late July to arrive ahead of the migration in your area. Orders placed after July 21 should arrive within 7-10 business days but priority will be given to preorders and areas that will experience the migration...

      Monarch Watch Insect Net
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        An economical and reliable net for general and student use. Nets have a 3-foot smooth hardwood handle and a 12" diameter net ring (stiff galvanized steel). A 28" deep standard aerial white polyester net bag is included - perfect for carefully catching monarchs and other flying insects. Some assembly required.

        Monarch Watch Monarch Life Cycle Poster
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          The 18" x 22" poster illustrates the transformation of the Monarch from egg to adult and includes the approximate age at each stage.

          Monarch Watch Butterfly Nectar Kit
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            This kit includes 1 clear plastic feeding dish, 1 feeding scrubber, and nectar mix (ingredients you wouldn't normally find in your kitchen). Makes 1 liter of nectar and will not ferment.